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Ni pretende ni intenta. Se arrastra, penetra, perfora y devora la materia. La podredumbre es su entorno. Se asocia a cosas desagradables. Podrido, maloliente. Descompone la materia. A través de su obra siente y hace sentir. Transmite. Digitaliza los pensamientos. Construye la agonía de ser un humano. Expresa la inquietud existencial. Profana los sentidos. Aterroriza la mente. Transgrede los límites. Viola las Ideas.

El proyecto nace en Barcelona - España, de la mano de InquesT y Blackend, con el nombre 'Morbid Mind'
Con afán experimentador y enfocado hacia sonidos electro-industriales; ellos auto producen algunas cintas que son distribuidas entre su círculo de amistades, con una gran acogida.
On this year, this time  in solitary and with renewed forces, InqUesT gives a new course to the project, changing his name to ‘Larva’. Due to the technical, social and ideological changes in the band.
Now more involved in social topics and with a more powerful sound; more noises and hardness, without losing an apex of his darkness.
In the beginning of  this year the formation had enriched by the contribution of two new members (M.L. and Anoxia).
That give more complex and diverse compositions, and more hard and full of energy live shows.
The first record contract arrives with the CD ‘Diogenes Syndrome’ under Komblok Records (; who distributes the album in digipack format towards USA and Europe.
The year begins with the new band’s album ‘Autosectarismo’; self-produced; and distributed worldwide.
At year 2008 Larva signs with Advoxya Records for the release of ‘Voces del laberinto’; that has been masterized by Jan (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X, etc.).
The cd will include two videos as a bonus tracks.
Larva releases under Advoxya Records the fourth CD ‘The hated’;  following this, the band starts ‘The Hated Mexican Tour 09’.
During 20 days and in a lot of Mexican cities (DF, Puebla, Toluca, Tehuacan, Tijuana, etc), Larva was playing a lot of live shows; with great reviews in the media.
The same year, Alfa-Matrix releases the compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks V with the song  ‘Come with me’.
Larva remixes Unter Null in their new CD ‘Moving on’
The band releases the remix CD ‘Entre agujas’  under Advoxya Records again.
A lot of friends of the band collaborate in the creative process of this album, like (Asseptic Room, Tech Nomader, Extinction Front, Deadjump, etc).
Then another USA/Mexico Tour came again. This time, 35 days and a lot of great live shows; including Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
On April Larva releases under the label Danse Macabre Records ( their work called ‘Und sie aßen sich selbst’.
With this work Larva enters on the GEWC german charts.
In June of the same year, the band re-edits as a limited edition the remastered and reworked version of their two first CD’s (‘Diogenes Syndrome’ and ‘Autosectarismo’ on CDBOX format under the label Mutant-e Records.
After that the third USA/Mexico tour start. And again 22 days of great live shows came.
In august Larva releases their new work ‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’ under Advoxya Records, as a very limited box, with the CD, DVD, remixes CD, 7″ vinyl, wallpaper, tshirt and a few surprises.
With this box, Larva enters again in the GEWC German charts.
After that, another USA/Mexico tour come, visiting cities like San Diego, Tijuana, Los Angeles, DF, Orizaba, etc.
In August Larva releases ‘Where the butterflies go to die’ under Advoxya Records; as a limited editios (including CD, remixes CD and a DVD).
For the promotion of the álbum, Larva starts a tour; visiting countries like Germany, USA, Mexico, Rusia, Siberia, France, Belgium, and Spain.
The CD is very well reviewed in magazines and specialized websites.
Due to the 10 years of the Larva existence, the compilation ‘The worst of… 2004-2014’ is published.
A compilation of the most charismatic songs of the band, during all these years.
Released under Advoxya Records, in a special format for the followers, including a 7″ vinyl.
Larva releases under Advoxya Records again, the album ‘Abominations’; on at Cd format, DVD format and 12″ red color vinyl.
This album is reviewed as one of the best releases of the band; in composition and production way.
The year beings with the release of ‘Scars’.
In two different editions; double 12″ vinyl and CD.
All the reviews about that album are really positive!
The growing fan base in Russia is getting bigger every day.
Because of that, a Russian label (Scent Air Records) is really interested in release new material. So then ‘The sun has set over Russia’ is released as a CD format, by Scent Air Records in collaboration with Advoxya Records.
Is a compendium of the ‘hits’ of the band, and two completely new songs.

In the summer of the same year, Advoxya Records releases ‘Scars The Singles’; three 7″ vinyls with new songs not included in the previous ‘Scars’ album, and some reinterpretation of old songs.


This year just begins with the release of the first live DVD of the band, called ‘Death on stage, a compendium of live recordings’.

Featuring live videos of Ukraine, France, and USA live performances.

And just in the beginning of summer, Advoxya Records releases ‘Mundos subterráneos’, the newest album from the band; in 12” white vinyl & CD.

In December of the same year, and again under the label Advoxya Records ‘Tormented’ EP it’s released; with 6 new songs, and in green color limited edition cassette.


May, during all the Coronavirus pandemic; is the month when ‘Desolation Road’ is released under Advoxya Records in digipack CD and 12” vinyl.

During this Covid19 period, sadly, all the liveshows are cancelled or postponed.

In September of the same year and matching the first liveshow during this Covid-19 era, another cassette EP with 6 new songs is released, this time in a blue neon color cassette.
‘Memories of better days’ comes with a special package, including a backpack, the cassette, two patches and a download code for the songs in digital format.


2021 October marks the release of ‘Void’, a new album by the band; under the label Advoxya Records.
In Splatter 12” vinyl, double and simple CD.

InqUesT: concepto, secuencias, letras, voces
Anoxia: secuencias, teclados en directo, batería