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‘entre agujas’ lyrics

Year: 2010
Sello:Advoxya Records

01.- Ojos secos (Placer anal mix by Larva)
02.- Madre (Te echo de menos mix by Morbid Mind)
03.- Ojos Secos (Re-violated mix by Extinction Front)
04.- The hated (remix by Deadjump)
05.- The hated (acid mix by F.Y.L.)
06.- Cockroaches (EBM mix by Tech Nomader)
07.- Massgrave (guitar mix by David Akelarre)
08.- The devil inside of me (experimental mix by A Industrya)
09.- Rotten disease (old school mix by Asseptic Room)
10.- Massgrave (Cor mix by De_Tot_Cor)
11.- Massgrave (remix by Say Just Words)
12.- Massgrave (remix by Xperiment)
13.- The devil inside of me (remix by M-Virus)
14.- The devil inside of me (remix by Stigmatroz)