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Now we are booking shows for 2019.
If you are interested in us, or you know somebody can...

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Larva - Me odio

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Tshirt 'Industrial motherfucker'10,00 €
Gorra / CapTalla únicaMulti-size10,00 €
'Mundos subterráneos' 12" white colour vinylLarva - Mundos subterráneos Vinyl  WHITE-COLOUR LPpackaging: VINYL release-date:...15,00 €
Mundos subterráneos (CD)Larva - Mundos suberráneos simple-cd editionAD-HUN-135-CD format: transparent...10,00 €
Death on Stage, a compendium of live recordings Ref: AD-HUN-124-DVD Format: transparent PVC DVD box Release date: 18.02.2019 tracklist:...10,00 €

Days until the next liveshow

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Hate State
My old demons
Me odio
Save me from myself
Frío y oscuro amanecer