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DVD 'The DVD' (Broken hopes of a wasted youth)

1. live-video "Hienas".
2. live-video "You are alone".
3. live-video "Hienas".
4. live-video "The devil inside of me".
5. live-video "The devil inside of me".
6. live-video "Family error".
7. live-video "Family error".
8. live-video "Massgrave".
9. music-video "Destructive device".
10. music-video "You are alone".
11. music-video "Lies".
12. music-video "Broken toy_song for you".
13. music-video "Death is coming to take you away".
14. music-video "Eternal sadness_prelude to end".
15. music-video "Family error".
16. music-video "Todos estamos muertos por dentro".
+ extras.