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‘The hated’ lyrics

Year: 2009
Label: Advoxya Records

1.- El jardín de los desheredados
2.- Cockroaches
Waiting to you to fall
Hunting for your flesh
They are looking at you
To corrupt the truth

Inside your life
Eating your feels
Going nowhere
Only to sink you

3.- The men behind the sun (unit 731)
Vivisect of human bodies
They are the elect
Dark rooms
Putrid air

To erase their lives
Remove you dislikes

Thousand bodies to mess
Chemical products
Inside your skin
The desire of crushing heads

To erase their lives
Remove you dislikes

4.- Asocial society
Only human to rape the truth
Only human to torture
Only human to kill nature
Only human destroys itself
Only human unsconscience
Only human creates
Asocial society

5.- Agony of mind (Placebo Effect tribute)
My heart to break up things
I can not understand
In a little room i bound
Cut out from the outside

I feel the fear
Gathering inside
Breaks on me, break me
This is why, this is why i think
Wouldn’t be better
Just a little sould

Of mind

Agony of mind

My heart to break up thinks
I can not understand
In a little room i bound
Cut out from the outside
I feel the fear gathering inside

Of mind

Breaks on me, break me
This is why, this is why i think
Wouldn’t be better
Just a little sould

Just in to a way to my own goes
Just in to a way to my own goes

6.- Falling down
When you feels emptiness
When all fall down
Fall down
When you don’t matter
Don’t matter
When your anger
Suffocates you

When the despair
It’s your friend
When there have
Only one exit
When your life
It’s pain
When you can’t
Turn back

7.- Cry for life
Sinner cry
Cry for life
Pray for faith
Your world is empty
Pray for faith
Your life decay
Your fucking god

Your fucking god
Your god

Your life is empty

8.- Innata iniquidad
La miseria no distingue
Entre ricos y pobres
La soledad no se detiene
La fortuna desparece

El destino es implacable
Sigue su curso destructivo
El embudo se los traga
Los engulle la oscuridad

9.- The hated (Christianne F. edit)
We are the hated
We are the elect
In a mother’s womb

We are the punished
We are the starved
In a child’s corpse

10.- Deformities
You are funcking dead children
You are raping dead children
You are killing innocent children
You are starving dead children

Our main reality
Unwanted solution
Your inner prision
Extreme pain facility

Personality clones
Social point of view
Hidden thoughts
In cold blood

Your reality are deformed
Your world are deformed
Your life are deformed

11.- De miserias y rencor
Nos corroe por dentro
Inyecta el miedo
Aumenta tus pulsaciones
Condiciona tus acciones

Nadie, nadie puede pararme
Nadie, nadie me detendrá
Nuestro odio nos delata
Nos une a la eternidad

Tu, tu tienes la culpa
Tu, tu lo vas a pagar
Somos el cáncer
La destrucción total

12.- Massgrave
There are their valours
There are their tears
Only these things
Not disapears

There are their thoughts
There are their pains
Only the smell
It’s persistent

Massgrave of anger
Massgrave of pain

13.- Mind twilight
It comes to me
Like an energy
I’m feeling it
Scares me

Like a blade
In my brain

Mind twilight

Sodomizes me
Posess me
I’m feeling guilty
Only mind slave

Mind twilight

14.- Red meat taste
Deadly silence inside you
Riping your entrails
Like a knive on ice
Like a finger in wound

Please can you share my pain?
Give me only a sigh
I did horrible things
But these eyes in you

Don’t look at me

There are no mercy for you
Only a slow death in gray
The flame going off
Inner desire of blood

Target of my frustrations
You are red meat
Nothing more, only meat
No feelings in you

15.- Rotten disease
Falling down the life
Raping out the feels
Only corrupt stays
Only rotten remains

Rotten disease for power
Rotten disease for money

16.- The time is lost
Memories of the past
Lost images in your head
All the people you met
Dead and buried

Only dreams remains
Your mind is blind
The pain don’t let you live
The path of sorrow

Time runs in your hands
Between your fingers
Between the lies
Between the feels